Endless Love
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Endless love 1

Endless Love was commissioned for an anniversary. The blue
ribbon signifies the skies overhead & the river of life. The
yellow represents the infinite rising & setting of the sun.

The green represents the life forms that result from water &
sun that enables our lives to flourish. The four panels convey
the interests of the couple.

The whole is interwoven with the garnet colour of life's blood.
At the center are the interwoven initials of the couple.
Endless Love 1

Flying boxes

Flying Boxes was the result of a collaboration with artist
J. Veniot.
Flying Boxes

Lion Queen

This is made with ribbons of brass & stained glass. Not visible
from this angle the hand holds at a right angle the Ankh also
in brass & glass.
Lion Queen

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March 20, 2004